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May 1st or November 1st? It’s hard to tell….

Sawyer and I decided to ignore the fact that it is 30 degrees out and lightly snowing. We were sick of sitting inside all weekend and needed to get out and go for a walk. Since the weather felt so fallish, we went to a trail that I normally save for grouse hunting season. Sawyer […]

Laurin Ann Lorraine

Welcome to our family Laurin! I will try to update my blog a little more often. It’s been crazy around here since about November and I haven’t had any time to post pictures.

What’s black and white and read all over?

The riddle doesn’t work as well when it’s written out. I don’t know why I wrote that down, except that I have been messing around with turning some photos to B&W. I don’t really have plans for most of them to be B&W until I am editing them and realize that as color photos they […]

Vermilion Gorge

For Christmas Sawyer got a backpack from his great grandpa (Tom) and his grandma (Nancy). This was something we were hoping to get for this summer and now with the early spring we are putting it to a lot of use. I guess I am putting it to a lot of use, April is smart enough […]

9 months

I can’t believe Sawyer is 9 months already.  We took both him and his favorite cousin Kate out for a few pictures and enjoyed the 70 degree weather we are having. He is getting big so fast, you can’t see in the pictures but he just got his first two teeth.  You can tell he […]

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