BWCA – Winter 2010



My first time camping in the winter.  I was always hesitant about winter camping, because I am not a big fan of being cold. I found out that I have just as much fun in the winter as I do in the summer. The first night of our trip is the only time I felt cold and that was only the part of my face sticking out of the mummy bag. Going this late in the winter meant we had a little bit longer days and the days are warm.

I was on this trip with Bill, Jim, Bob, Mark, and Ed. Bob, Mark, and Ed had their own tent and camped just down the shoreline from us. These were great guys to go with. Bob has been winter camping for years and is good person for winter camping advice.

We did a little cross country skiing, some fishing, and snow shoeing. All the free time, I found out, is spent cutting and splitting firewood. One other note about winter camping is that you eat much better than summer camping. For example on Saturday for dinner we had steak, potatoes, and for dessert some homemade peach pie with cool whip.

So after getting back I have to say I am looking forward to the next trip.

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