Valdez – Day 4


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This morning we started out by taking a ride to an overlook in the middle of Valdez. From this vantage point you can get a great look of the city, harbor, and surrounding mountains. The first 8 pictures are from the overlook. I took some panoramic shots from up here which I can’t wait to stitch together. It’s still hard to believe the scenery in Valdez. I have a hard time putting my camera away because there is always something to take a picture of.

The afternoon we spent fishing….boring fishing. Ya right! Today was just as crazy as yesterday. It started out a little slower…and by slower it is still better than any fishing than I’ve had anywhere else. Then it picked up to crazy Alaska fishing again. We had Bill’s mom (Barb) with us, couldn’t let her get away without the traditional fish kiss. There is also a picture of Jim reeling in what we thought was going to be the derby winner. We found out when we got it to the side of the boat that he had just hooked the fish in the side and was pulling it in sideways the entire time. Made for an exciting couple of minutes. Probably a good thing it wasn’t the derby winner since we didn’t buy our tickets. The last couple of photos are on our way in after we limited out. Which I should mention was after catching 30 Silvers – which we filleted and brought to have vacuumed sealed & flash frozen. So now in two days that makes 54 Silvers for a total of 237lbs of fillets.

I think were done fishing Silvers, but we have one day left on our 3 day license so there is talk of heading out to try our luck with halibut or red snapper tomorrow. We’ll see what happens there is also talk of kayaking, hiking, & flying.

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