Valdez – Day 6


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Ok if anyone was paying attention they might have known that I missed posting a blog for the last day in Valdez. I can tell I am back in the real world now because I have no time to post…to many things going on.  Including a giant hole that I just made the other day in the bathroom floor. If I get a chance I’ll take a picture of it and stick it on a different blog. I’m not looking forward to that project.

Back to Valdez. Our last day started a little slow, with everyone feeling worn out from the weeks activities. We got moving around noon and went for a hike on the 12 Mile Trail. The trail isn’t 12 miles long it gets it’s name by being located 12 miles from Valdez on the way up Dawson Pass. It starts in pretty thick woods and slowly climbs your way up the side of the pass. You can’t really tell this because your in thick woods and you don’t get a look out until you’ve hiked up quite a ways. When it does open up there are some cool views of mountains across the pass. After hiking a little further you get to Bridal Vail Falls which is directly across the pass and only about 200 yards away. We crossed the river for Horsetail Falls which must get more water in it by the time it gets to the falls, because the river was only 6′ wide or so. Then you start heading down, there is a little section that is steep enough to justify a rope to hang onto. The rest is pretty easy downhill.

After the hike we headed up to Worthington Glacier.  Which you can hike right up to and climb around on or in. Saw some tracks of someone who apparently slid down the glacier. Didn’t look safe to me, but was probably fun if they are still alive. We took some pictures around the glacier and then headed back to Valdez. I did get a good picture of Rudy (Bill & Barb’s) golden retriever.

We ended day 6 with some pizza and an early night knowing that we had to get up at 3:30 to catch our flight in Anchorage.

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