BWCA – Summer 2009, May 30-June 2


This was a fun trip with Bill, Jimbo, & Glenn. We had some wet and windy weather, but it’s hard to ruin time in the Boundary Waters. We started on Moose Lake with the intention of heading NE up Moose to the NE arm of Basswood. The wind quickly changed our minds and we took a portage over to the aptly named Wind Lake. From Wind Lake we took a portage and a brief paddle in Wind Bay then another short portage into Indiana Lake. The end of our first day was spent on Basswood Lake.

The next day we made it as far as Upper Basswood Falls, where we found a campsite looking right up at the falls. Jimbo and I took the afternoon and paddled a little further downstream. We found a couple of interesting things. One is a cable that runs from the U.S. to Canada. I’m still not sure what it’s purpose was…maybe it’s those Canadians sneaking into the States again. The other thing we found was a campsite that had half a canoe for a fire grate cover. A beautiful campsite and a place I will definitely return to.

The next day we traveled down to Lower Basswood Falls. On the way there you go by about 4 to 5 other rapids and falls. I love it here. We hung out at the lower falls for awhile and headed up Horse River. Going up stream was tough at times, Bill broke a paddle to prove it. Good thing we had duct tape! That night we stayed on Horse Lake. I forgot to mention earlier that the night before we headed into the BWCA, April thought she was having contraction so I ran her to the hospital. Ended up being a false alarm, but I thought the trip would be over for me. To remedy the problem we got a SAT phone. I think it was more for the warm fuzzy feeling it gave us, because if she went into labor there was no way I would make it out until it was all over.

The next morning we headed out….I always hate the paddle out on the last day.

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